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Easy inventory management for amish furniture stores

OrderTrac helps you know exactly where you stand at all times with all your customer orders and inventory 
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Are you spending too much time...

generating & sending purchase orders?
tracking down the status of an order?
identifying the customer for an item?
gathering reporting data like sales totals?
looking up a customer's past orders?

Have you...

forgot to order an item?
lost track of orders that are overdue for arrival?
had a hard time tracking down what a payment was for?
had trouble tracking down the total cost of an item?

OrderTrac will help you get your time back

How OrderTrac will make your job easier

OrderTrac will be your cheapest, most reliable employee
Any device
use on Windows, Mac, Linux, iPhone, Android, etc
Web based
this means you can use OrderTrac anytime, anywhere!
Mobile friendly
works well on computer, tablet, and even your mobile phone
quickly view monthly sales vs last year, overdue items, etc
Sales orders
write up sales orders to track customer sales and payments
Purchase orders
generate purchase orders and track all vendor orders
Vendor invoices
track all vendors invoices to know payment status and costs
Integrated fax
fax reports and purchases orders with a simple click
Integrated email
email sales orders, purchase orders, reports, etc 
Integrated payment processing
process credit card payments quickly inside OrderTrac
Automated reports
reports automatically sent to your inbox including daily sales
Barcode labels
generate labels to place on items for enhanced tracking

Trusted by the best

Retailers of all sizes love OrderTrac all over the USA - from smaller beginnings to larger stores with multiple locations and warehouses, OrderTrac has your back!
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Real praise from real customers

We hate to brag, but our customer really, really love OrderTrac
Sugar Creek Amish Furniture
I can't think of a way OrderTrac could be more efficient. I can't imagine trying to keep track of everything any other way.
Amish Elegance of Knoxville
Best thing we ever did!
Oak Creek Furniture
One of my favorite things about the program is the daily sales report sent to my email at the end of every day, so I know what's going on even when I'm not there.
Noah's Amish Furniture
This computer system saved my life!
Home Wood Furniture
OrderTrac is the best decision we ever made! Having the PO’s automatically created from the invoice and being able to fax them directly from the software saves us so much time.
Yoder's Furniture
This is the best thing we have ever signed up for.
Don's Home Furniture
Tasks that use to take hours and days will now take seconds!

More affordable than you think!

How much will your cheapest, most reliable employee cost you? Starting at only $179/mo it turns out!

How it works

It couldn't be easier to get started
1. Create an account
Fill out a quick form to create an account. No credit card required, and you get immediate access!
2. Set up your account
Set up account preferences like logo, address, etc. Then add vendors and inventory.
3. Let OrderTrac work for you
Create sales orders when a new sale is made, create purchase orders to order inventory. 

Start your free trial right away

Getting started is easy - it only takes 15 seconds, no credit card required!

Frequently Asked Questions.

Answers to the questions we hear a lot
What devices does OrderTrac work with?
OrderTrac is web based, which means it works on any device with an internet connection! Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, Linux, and Chromebook devices are all supported.
Do I need internet?
Yes, OrderTrac is web based which means you do need internet in order to use the application. If you internet temporarily goes out, you can always use OrderTrac on a mobile device or use a hotspot to regain access to OrderTrac.
Can I access OrderTrac while traveling?
Yes! You can access your OrderTrac anytime, anywhere. Whether you are traveling or just need to log in from home, OrderTrac is always available.
Do I need to back up my data?
No, OrderTrac handles all that for you! We keep constant data backups in multiple physical locations to make sure your data is always safe. No need for you to worry about that!
How much does OrderTrac cost?
OrderTrac has a plan to fit everyone. Whether you are a small store or have multiple locations and warehouses, we have a plan for you. View our pricing for more info.
Are updates included?
Yes! Since OrderTrac is web based, you will always be using the most up to date version of OrderTrac, no need to ever install updates!
Can I fax/email in OrderTrac?
Yes, OrderTrac will handle all the email configuration so you can send sales orders, purchase orders, and reports by email with the click of a button. We have partnered with Interfax.net so you can send faxes directly through OrderTrac as well (Interfax account required).
Does OrderTrac work with Quickbooks?
OrderTrac does not support a direct integration yet, however you can export any data you desire from OrderTrac using our built in reports, or we can even build a custom report for you. 
Can I make payments directly in OrderTrac?
Yes, we have partnered with a fantastic payment processor, Basys. They offer excellent rates and support, and our integration with them means you can process payments directly in OrderTrac with a swipe and a click. 
How many users can use OrderTrac at once?
As many as you want! You can create a user account for each user, and each will log in using their own credentials. All actions performed by that user are logged and you can even restrict what actions each user can make. 
Can I try out OrderTrac?
Absolutely! OrderTrac offers a free 30 day trial, no credit card required to create an account! Get instant access to your account so you can start playing around right away. Create an account now!
What support is offered?
We are available M-F 8-5 CT by phone, email, or text. We are always monitoring our support lines for emergencies though in case of an urgent matter. You can easily send question to support by clicking the support button on the bottom left of the screen in OrderTrac.

OrderTrac Inventory

OrderTrac makes it easy to create sales orders, generate purchase orders, and track order status of items all give you time back.
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