The Story Behind OrderTrac

It all began with the opening of the family business back in 2004, Oak Creek Amish Furniture. As the business grew over the years, so did the number of customers, orders, and piles of paperwork. If you are familiar with Amish furniture, you would know there are no barcodes or item numbers used in the business of building furniture the old fashioned way. There came a day when it was obvious a software system was needed to replace the old paper, pen, and memory system. We searched for inventory management software that had the capabilities of handling custom ordered items rather than the traditional database full of product sku’s method, but nothing was available. Like anything else, if you can’t buy it, you have to make it. I began developing a customer, inventory, order, and supplier management system, and after over a year of writing code, OrderTrac was born. The program was implemented into the business, and the effect was immediately noticeable. No longer did you have to go flip through a stack of invoices when a customer called to check the status of their purchase, but instead a few clicks in OrderTrac allowed you to see when the order was placed,who the builder is, what the status is, and when it should arrive at your warehouse. No longer was every aspect of the business dependent on a sharp memory. Multiple people could more effectively run day to day business operations since all data was stored in a computer instead of in a pile of papers and the employee's memory. The initial version of OrderTrac pales in comparison to the current version in terms of features, as new features have been added constantly over the years to make the Amish furniture business easier to run than ever. Although it was designed with Amish furniture in mind, OrderTrac could be used for any retail business that focuses on custom ordered wholesale products. Please look around the website, watch some how-to videos, and download the free trial of OrderTrac to see how it can help your business grow.
Bradly Adams