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Verifying Inventory

You may want to verify your inventory from time to time to make sure the inventory you have on hand matches up with what OrderTrac says you have. This is especially common to do at the end of the year so you are not paying inventory tax on items you don’t actually have. Both furniture […]

Creating an Automated Report

If there is a specific report you want to run automatically on a set day of the week or month, you can create an automated report so you can set it and forget it. The report will be automatically sent out without you having to remember to do so. Create a new automated report First, […]

Saving a Custom Report

To save a custom report so it is easy to open and run at a later time, enter the custom report query into the custom report box on the reports tab, and click Save. You will need to enter a name for your report, and click Save. Any time you want to open this report […]

Reinstall OrderTrac (1.29 to 1.30 only)

Due to the issues with the Microsoft built technology OrderTrac used to manage automatic updates, a new update system had to be built into OrderTrac. While this will increase reliability of updates in the future, this means in order to receive further updates, you must re-install OrderTrac. You will not lose any data by re-installing […]

Test Network Connection

If you are having trouble connecting your client computer to your server computer, the first step is to make sure the network is set up properly so both computers can “see” on another. To do this, we will perform a Ping test. A Ping test uses the command prompt, which is a tool built into […]

Item Repairs

At some point, furniture can be damaged and needs to be sent back for repairs. Whether it is an inventory piece that was damaged in the warehouse, or a customer’s piece that was damage in their home, you can track the item as it is sent back for repairs much like you track regular orders. […]

Remote Access to OrderTrac

In some cases, you may want to access OrderTrac when you are traveling or otherwise not at your store. Since OrderTrac is a desktop based application, you have to be on the same network as the server in order to connect an OrderTrac client to the OrderTrac server. There are 2 options to work around […]

Create a Custom Tag

Printing a price tag just requires you to create a fillable PDF form. You can use any PDF editing software to create a PDF form. Note this is different than a PDF viewer which are widely available for free. Most PDF editors such as Foxit PDF editor, Nitro PDF, or Adobe Acrobat Editor are paid […]

Using Gift Cards

It is very easy to start using gift cards in OrderTrac. It does not take any fancy equipment or gift cards to do so. The only requirement for your gift card is that it have a unique ID. You can order a batch of gift cards from any company, just search “custom gift cards” online […]