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Restore a backup

WARNING!! Restoring data will erase your current data and restore with the backed up data. Make sure you back up your existing data first in the event you want to revert back to your current data. Once data is overwritten, It cannot be reverted! How to backup and restore your OrderTrac data At some point, […]

Getting started with OrderTrac

Getting started with OrderTrac So you have downloaded and installed OrderTrac, but now what? Where do you start? Here are 4 easy steps you should take to get started with OrderTrac. Don’t have OrderTrac downloaded yet? Download here and visit the install guide 1. Setup your store preferences Click File > Preferences to open your […]

Reinstall XPS Document Writer

Reinstall Microsoft XPS Document Writer in Windows 7/8 The Microsoft Document Writer comes pre-installed on Windows 7/8 machines. If Microsoft XPS Document Writer has been removed and needs to be reinstalled, follow the steps below.   To reinstall the Microsoft Document Writer, perform these steps: Click Start and select Devices and Printers. Click  Add Printer. Choose Add a Local Printer. Select Use […]


Troubleshooting Guide Error Opening OrderTrac Error Installing OrderTrac Error When installing update Error:Manifest may not be valid or the file could not be opened; File OrderTrac.exe is not a valid Portable Executable (PE) file; PE file does not have enough data. Possible Solutions:Restart computer; Wait 30+ min; Disable antivirus; Request update republish; Error:Manifest in invalid format Possible […]

Custom Reports

There may be a time when the supplied reports do not supply the data you need. To build a custom report, knowledge in writting SQL queries will be needed. SQL queries can be very simple, but also can get very complex. Feel free to contact support for help in writting a custom query if the […]

Order Items from a Vendor

How to order items from vendors (create purchase order) To order a single item: 1. Go to the items tab and click on the red ‘To Be Ordered’ filter button to view sold items that need to be ordered, or click the orange ‘Inventory To Be Ordered’ button to view all inventory items that need […]

Create Custom labels

To create a custom label, follow these steps: 1. Open the DYMO Label program 2. Choose the ‘Labels’ tab on the top left 3. Choose your preferred label size and layout. (It may be easiest to choose the empty layout) 4. Select the ‘Insert’ tab 5. Add all the desired label objects to the label […]

Order Inventory

How to Order Inventory 1. On the Items tab, select the ‘Order Inventory’ button on the bottom left hand side.   2. Fill all applicable fields and select ‘Close’.   3. On the Items tab, choose the ‘Inventory to Be Ordered’ filter button. You will see the inventory item to be ordered. Note: All inventory […]

Creating a UPC Item Purchase Order

Items found on the UPC Items tab have a separate purchase order system than regular furniture purchase orders. UPC purchase orders can be quickly created to order more items from a particular vendor. Follow the insstructions below to create a new purchase order for UPC items: 1. On the UPC Items tab, click the ‘Purchase […]