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Connecting Client to Server

Connecting a Client Computer to the Server Computer Open OrderTrac. The Client/Server selection screen should be displayed Choose Client Enter the Server name or IP Address into the server textbox. This information can be found on in OrderTrac on the computer acting as a server. On the menu bar at the top, select Network > […]

Installation Instructions

Installation Instructions How does this work? OrderTrac operates on a Client/Server relationship, which means if you have multiple computers running OrderTrac. 1 computer acts as the server, and the rest are clients. The server computer stores all the data, and the client computers all access that computer to view and update that data. All computers […]

Set up a training server

How to set up a computer for employee training A training server can be helpful to train employees without having to worry about messing up live data. Just like you set up a server, you can set up a separate computer as a training server. The server you connect to from a client computer is […]

PostgreSQL Manual Install Guide

PostgreSQL Manual install guide Uninstall preexisting instance of PostgreSQL (if applicable) Go to control panel > uninstall program and uninstall PostgreSQL 9.3 Click ‘YES’ when asked if you want to uninstall all modules PostgreSQL will start uninstalling You may see an error ‘The directory C:\Program Files\PostgreSQL\9.3\data) has not been removed.’. Click OK. Uninstallation should be complete. […]

Transfer server to another computer

How to transfer server to another computer At some point, you may want to make a different computer your OrderTrac server computer. This can be done in a few simple steps. To switch servers, data from your existing server is simply backed up and the restored onto the new server. Follow these steps to transfer data […]

Store Preferences and Data Setup

OrderTrac Setup Guide Overview OrderTrac setup consists mainly of 2 portions: Setting up preferences and importing data. This must be done on each OrderTrac server (only the case if you have multiple store locations. Each store location should have 1 OrderTrac server, with the rest of the computers set up as clients). Setup should be completed […]

Delete ALL Data

Delete ALL OrderTrac data & start fresh If you want to remove all current data from OrderTrac and start with a blank slate, just like it was when you first downloaded OrderTrac, then follow these steps:  Warning! ALL DATA (preferences, customers, invoices, items, vendors, EVERYTHING!) will be deleted FOREVER!  1. Open the database administration tool […]

Multiple Location Setup

Multiple Location Setup OrderTrac can be used with multiple locations. When OrderTrac is first set up, a ‘Primary’ location is created by default. To add another location, click File > Preferences > Store Info and enter a unique name for the new location, such as ‘Main St’, ‘Northside’, ‘#2’, etc in the ‘Location Description’ box, […]

Importing Data

After installing OrderTrac, you may want to import existing data. You can import Vendors, Customers, and Inventory. Excel templates are provided for you to fill out the data to import. Fields marked with an asterisk (*) are required. Follow the instructions below to import each: Customers: To import customers, open OrderTrac, and go to File > […]