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Test Network Connection

If you are having trouble connecting your client computer to your server computer, the first step is to make sure the network is set up properly so both computers can “see” on another. To do this, we will perform a Ping test. A Ping test uses the command prompt, which is a tool built into […]

Remote Access to OrderTrac

In some cases, you may want to access OrderTrac when you are traveling or otherwise not at your store. Since OrderTrac is a desktop based application, you have to be on the same network as the server in order to connect an OrderTrac client to the OrderTrac server. There are 2 options to work around […]

Connecting Client to Server

Connecting a Client Computer to the Server Computer Open OrderTrac. The Client/Server selection screen should be displayed Choose Client Enter the Server name or IP Address into the server textbox. This information can be found on in OrderTrac on the computer acting as a server. On the menu bar at the top, select Network > […]