Category: General

Create Custom labels

To create a custom label, follow these steps: 1. Open the DYMO Label program 2. Choose the ‘Labels’ tab on the top left 3. Choose your preferred label size and layout. (It may be easiest to choose the empty layout) 4. Select the ‘Insert’ tab 5. Add all the desired label objects to the label […]

Order Inventory

How to Order Inventory 1. On the Items tab, select the ‘Order Inventory’ button on the bottom left hand side.   2. Fill all applicable fields and select ‘Close’.   3. On the Items tab, choose the ‘Inventory to Be Ordered’ filter button. You will see the inventory item to be ordered. Note: All inventory […]

Creating a UPC Item Purchase Order

Items found on the UPC Items tab have a separate purchase order system than regular furniture purchase orders. UPC purchase orders can be quickly created to order more items from a particular vendor. Follow the insstructions below to create a new purchase order for UPC items: 1. On the UPC Items tab, click the ‘Purchase […]