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Installation Instructions

Installation Instructions How does this work? OrderTrac operates on a Client/Server relationship, which means if you have multiple computers running OrderTrac. 1 computer acts as the server, and the rest are clients. The server computer stores all the data, and the client computers all access that computer to view and update that data. All computers […]

Set up a training server

How to set up a computer for employee training A training server can be helpful to train employees without having to worry about messing up live data. Just like you set up a server, you can set up a separate computer as a training server. The server you connect to from a client computer is […]

PostgreSQL Manual Install Guide

PostgreSQL Manual install guide Uninstall preexisting instance of PostgreSQL (if applicable) Go to control panel > uninstall program and uninstall PostgreSQL 9.3 Click ‘YES’ when asked if you want to uninstall all modules PostgreSQL will start uninstalling You may see an error ‘The directory┬áC:\Program Files\PostgreSQL\9.3\data) has not been removed.’. Click OK. Uninstallation should be complete. […]

Transfer server to another computer

How to transfer server to another computer At some point, you may want to make a different computer your OrderTrac server computer. This can be done in a few simple steps.┬áTo switch servers, data from your existing server is simply backed up and the restored onto the new server. Follow these steps to transfer data […]