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Store Preferences and Data Setup

OrderTrac Setup Guide Overview OrderTrac setup consists mainly of 2 portions: Setting up preferences and importing data. This must be done on each OrderTrac server (only the case if you have multiple store locations. Each store location should have 1 OrderTrac server, with the rest of the computers set up as clients). Setup should be completed […]

Delete ALL Data

Delete ALL OrderTrac data & start fresh If you want to remove all current data from OrderTrac and start with a blank slate, just like it was when you first downloaded OrderTrac, then follow these steps:  Warning! ALL DATA (preferences, customers, invoices, items, vendors, EVERYTHING!) will be deleted FOREVER!  1. Open the database administration tool […]

Multiple Location Setup

Multiple Location Setup OrderTrac can be used with multiple locations. When OrderTrac is first set up, a ‘Primary’ location is created by default. To add another location, click File > Preferences > Store Info and enter a unique name for the new location, such as ‘Main St’, ‘Northside’, ‘#2’, etc in the ‘Location Description’ box, […]

Importing Data

After installing OrderTrac, you may want to import existing data. You can import Vendors, Customers, and Inventory. Excel templates are provided for you to fill out the data to import. Fields marked with an asterisk (*) are required. Follow the instructions below to import each: Customers: To import customers, open OrderTrac, and go to File > […]

Optional Hardware

Optional Hardware Compatible with OrderTrac Label PrinterThe DYMO LabelWriter 450 Turbo is used to print small barcoded labels to be attached to inventory and customer ordered items. The Labelwriter 450 Turbo has been tested and verified to be compatible with OrderTrac, but the standard Labelwriter 450 should also work. The standard label size used by […]

Client/Server Explained

Getting Started Implementing OrderTrac is a fast and easy process. 1. Install – The first step is deciding which computers to install OrderTrac on. One computer must act as the OrderTrac server, with all other computers acting as a client connecting to the server. The server and client computers can all be used at once to […]

Register OrderTrac

Register OrderTrac to remove the trial mode   When you first open OrderTrac, choose ‘Register’ instead of ‘Trial mode’ (or click File > Account). Under ‘Create Account’, enter your email, choose a password, and click ‘Create Account’.   Enter you account details such as business name, contact info, etc. Click save once ALL information is […]

Import Common Vendors

Importing a common list of vendors Since most users of OrderTrac will be using the same set of vendors, it is possible to import a list we have already created as opposed to adding them all yourselves. This is NOT a complete list of all possible vendors so there may be some vendors missing, but […]

Mass Update the OrderTrac Database

Mass update the OrderTrac database There may be a time when you need to run a custom update script to quickly update a large amount of data in the database. Only do this if OrderTrac support has provided or approved the script to run. Warning! Running a script that has errors can cause irreversible damage […]