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Configure Payment Processor - Basys

by Bradly Adams

Once you have completed your onboarding process with Basys, they will send you an email with your parameter sheet. This sheet will include you public key and private key which are needed in order to process payments directly in OrderTrac

Set up payment processor

First, on the main menu, click Location > Payment Processor. Next to Basys, click Connect.

image 14

Next, select the Live Mode radio button at the top, then enter the Public key and Private key into the respective fields.

image 15

Finally, Click Save.

That is it! You are now ready to start processing payments in OrderTrac. If you have purchase a terminal from Basys, select the terminal from the dropdown under Device Settings, and click Save. You will need to select the terminal on each device, since this allows you to have multiple terminals and to specify which devices should use which terminal.

Making a payment

When taking a payment on a sales order, just click the Add Payment button. In the dialog that pops up, select Credit/Debit Card as the method, and enter an amount. From there you can choose Enter Card to manually enter the card date, or Terminal to collect payment via your Basys terminal.

If you select Enter Card, a credit card form will appear where you can enter the card number, expiration, and cvv. You can use a magnetic card reader to swipe a card and fill out this form, or you can manually enter the data.

image 16

If you choose Terminal, you can click Save and the payment amount you entered will appear on the terminal's screen. Once the customer swipes/taps/enters the credit card, the payment will complete and the dialog will close.

Taking payments is as simple as that! This same process can be followed when taking payments from the POS Register.

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