Connecting Client to Server

Connecting a Client Computer to the Server Computer

  1. Open OrderTrac. The Client/Server selection screen should be displayed
  2. Choose Client
  3. Enter the Server name or IP Address into the server textbox. This information can be found on in OrderTrac on the computer acting as a server. On the menu bar at the top, select Network > Client/Server Info. Note: If server name does not work, try the IP address.
  4. Click connect. It might take a few moments for the client to connect to the server.


If you see ‘Error connecting to server’, try the following in this order:

  1. Restart server computer – IMPORTANT! This must be done if OrderTrac was just installed on the server computer.
  2. Restart the client computer.
  3. Verify the client and server are on the same network.
  4. Try entering both the server name and IP address as shown in the steps above.
  5. Verify your client and server are on the same domain/homegroup/workgroup. To verify this:
    1. In Windows 7/8, open the Control panel
    2. Click ‘Choose homegroup and sharing options’. If your computer is not on a domain, go to step 3. If on a Domain, make sure all clients and server are on the same Domain.
    3. If a homegroup/workgroup is already set up on one of your computers running OrderTrac, join all the other computers to the existing homegroup/workgroup. Otherwise, create one and join all other computers.
  6. Disable any installed anti-virus or firewall computer installed on the server computer temporarily to see if that is what is blocking the connection
  7. Verify windows firewall port is open on the server computer:
    1. Open the control panel, and select ‘System and Security’
    2. Select ‘Windows Firewall’
    3. Select ‘Allow a program or feature through Windows Firewall’
    4. Verify ‘POSTGRE PORT 5432’ is on the list and checked