Creating a UPC Item Purchase Order

Creating a UPC Item Purchase Order

Items found on the UPC Items tab have a separate purchase order system than regular furniture purchase orders. UPC purchase orders can be quickly created to order more items from a particular vendor.

Follow the insstructions below to create a new purchase order for UPC items:

1. On the UPC Items tab, click the ‘Purchase Orders…’ button found on the left hand side.


2. You will see a list of all existing purchase orders. Click ‘New’.


3. A new PO will be displayed.

a. First, choose the vendor for which you want to place an order to.

b. Then, click ‘Add Items…’ to select which items you want to order.


4. Scroll/Search the list of items available to order from that vendor. If an item has a units per case restrictions as circled in the picture, the Order qty must equal the units per case qty, or be a multiple of the units per case qty. Once an order qty is added for each item you want to order, click ‘Add to Purchase Order’


5. You will see all items you just added to the purchase order. Enter a PO#, and Print, Fax, or Email the PO to place the order.


6. When the order has arrived, navigate to the purchase orders list as in step 1, and open the correct purchase order. For each item that was received, select the item from the list and click ‘Item Received’. You will see the status column update to RECEIVED as shown in the image. If only part of the order arrived, use the ‘Item Partially Received’ button to only receive a portion of the order. Once all items have been received, you can update the purchase order status to ‘CLOSED’ and click ‘Close’.


That is it! UPC item purchase orders should be fast and easy.