Default Settings for Purchase Orders

Follow these steps so that your POs have a PO number, a Finisher, and a Shipper already selected as soon as you create a new PO. Your PO numbers are completely customizable using meaningful data. Once you select a Builder on an invoice or a PO, the Finisher you select in this process will also show up on the PO. Finally, a Shipper will automatically be selected on all POs, just to save you a little more time.


Default PO number

These steps only have to be done once and will set up a PO number for Customer Items and Inventory Items. You decide what information and data you need in the PO number. You can change the PO number on individual POs if necessary. 

  • Click “File”
  • Select “Preferences…”
  • Open the “Vendors” tab
  • Follow the instructions under “Default PO Numbers”
  • Click “Save”

The example below is just one way to fill this section in. We labeled the difference between Customer and Inventory Items with a “C” and “I” before the variables of <itemid> and <customerlastname>. You can fill in the box with as little or as much information as you need. If all you want is a variable, such as <sku>, then that’s all you type in the box. 



Default Shipper

These steps only have to be done once and they will set one Shipper for all POs. You can change the Shipper on individual POs if necessary.

  • Open the “Vendors” tab
  • Double click a Shipper OR click “Edit” on the left navigation bar
  • Select the box next to “Set as default Shipper on purchase orders”
  • Click “Save”


Default Finisher

These steps must be done to each Builder individually. It will take time initally but save you so much time from here on out! You can change the Finisher on individual POs if necessary. 

  • Open the “Vendors” tab
  • Double click a Builder OR click “Edit” on the left navigation bar
  • Select a Finisher in the menu under “Default Finisher”
  • Click “Save”
  • Repeat these steps for all Builders


Once all these steps are complete, a new PO will highlight the areas that have been filled in by these default settings, as you can see below. Once the default settings have been verified and the PO has been saved, they will no longer be highlighted.