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Enabling Star WebPRNT

by Bradly Adams

Star printers that are enabled with WebPRNT technology allow direct printing from the browser to the printer without any print dialogs. We recommend the mC-Print3 since that is a great all-round printer that has been tested and approved for OrderTrac.

Printer Setup

First, your printer needs to be connected to your network through an ethernet cable. The printer will be connected directly to your network router.

POS Star printer setup
Connect your printer to your network

Once the printer is connected to the network, follow the instructions that came with your printer to obtain the IP address of your printer. For the Star mC-print3, you will turn off the printer, then hold down the paper feed button while turning the printer back on. This will print out the printer specs including the IP address. The IP address will be in the format similar to this:

Download Printer Certificate

Next, you need to download a certificate from the printer to install in your browser. The purpose of this certificate is to cause the browser to trust the printer which enables the browser to "talk" to the printer.


Enter the IP address of the printer in the URL bar of your browser and click enter. This will take you to the printer admin page. Click SSL/TLS on the menu bar and log in. The default username/password is root/admin.


Then click Create self-signed certificate.


Click Download.


Next click on the downloaded file in in your browser downloads, or go to the location the file was downloaded and double click the file to open it.


A security warning dialog will show. Click Open.


Click Open to open the certificate

The certificate will open. Click Install Certificate.


Click Install Certificate

Click Next to start the certificate import wizard.


Click Next

Select Place all certificates in the following store and click Browse


Select Place all certificates in the following store and click Browse

Select Trusted Root Certification Authorities and click OK.


Select Trusted Root Certification Authorities

Click Next


Click Next

Click Finish to finish the import.


Click Finish

Click Yes on the security warning that displays.


The certificate is now imported successfully!


Finally, enter the IP address of the printer in your browser once more and hit enter. If the page displays and unsafe warning, click the 'Proceed anyways' option to go to the printer settings page. This will make sure the browser is aware the printer is safe after the certificate import.

Secure print is now set up and you should be able to print receipts directly!


For all other devices, follow the instructions above to download the certificate from the printer, then follow the instructions at the link below to import the certificate to your device:


If you are still getting a print error, follow the steps in theĀ troubleshooting guide.

Enable Star WebPRNT in OrderTrac

Finally, we can enable the WebPRNT direct print ability in OrderTrac.

First, navigate to the POS register page. Then, click the Printer Settings link (1). Select Star WebPRNT (2). Then enter the IP address of the printer (3). Click Save, and you are done!

image 13

Now, when you click the Print button, the receipt will print to the printer directly without any dialogs. This feature also enables the ability to open the cash drawer - there will be an Open cash drawer button above the printer settings link which will open the cash drawer when clicked.

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