Getting started with OrderTrac

Getting started with OrderTrac

So you have downloaded and installed OrderTrac, but now what? Where do you start? Here are 4 easy steps you should take to get started with OrderTrac.

Don’t have OrderTrac downloaded yet? Download here and visit the install guide

1. Setup your store preferences

Click File > Preferences to open your store preferences. This is where you will customize OrderTrac to fit your needs. Navigate through the following tabs:
Store Info – Set up your store name, address, hours, etc
Backup – Select a location to back data up to. Data will be backed up every 4 hours automatically
Employees – Add all OrderTrac users
Sales – Add tax codes
Legal Print – Add your fine print that will show at the bottom of the invoice
Items – Add item categories
Individual Computer Settings – Store logo that will appear on invoice

2. Add your vendors

Go to the vendors tab, and add each one of your vendors. You can also very easily import our pre-assembled list of vendors! Here are instructions on importing our list, which may not be complete, but will save you time!

3. Order your inventory

Add your inventory. You can add items one at a time by clicking ‘Order Inventory’ on the items tab. For items already on hand, click the item, then click ‘Item has been Received’ button to manually update the status since you will be skipping the order process for items you have already ordered and received. You can also mass import inventory by going to File > preferences > Items tab, and click ‘Import Inventory’

4. Create an invoice

Now you are ready to start selling! When you make your next sale, go to the Invoices tab, click ‘New Invoice’, add the customer, and enter the item details. If you are selling an item from inventory, select the ‘Stock’ radio button, and click ‘Find’ to go select the item. If you are selling a custom order, select the ‘Order’ radio button, and fill out the item details. Once the items are added, add a payment, and print the receipt. That is all there is to it!