Import Common Vendors

Importing a common list of vendors

Since most users of OrderTrac will be using the same set of vendors, it is possible to import a list we have already created as opposed to adding them all yourselves. This is NOT a complete list of all possible vendors so there may be some vendors missing, but this will at least save you time by importing a majority of the vendors you may use.

To import vendors:

  1. Go to the vendors tab, and click the ‘Import common vendors’ link on the top right of the screen.
  2. A preview screen will display all vendors to be imported. Click the ‘Select All’ link to select all, or just check the check boxes beside the vendors you wish to import.
  3. Click ‘Start Import’. When the import is complete, each vendor in the list will turn green if the import was successful, or will turn red and will display an error message if the import failed.
  4. That is all! Close the import screen and you will not see all the vendors on the vendors tab.