Installation Instructions

Installation Instructions

Installation Instructions

How does this work?

OrderTrac operates on a Client/Server relationship, which means if you have multiple computers running OrderTrac. 1 computer acts as the server, and the rest are clients. The server computer stores all the data, and the client computers all access that computer to view and update that data. All computers can be running OrderTrac at the same time with all users having full access to view/update/delete data. The server computer also serves as a client, so that computer can be used just like all the others.

An example: You have 3 computers. One at the sales counter, one in the warehouse, and one in the office. The computer in the office is the best computer, so this is used as the OrderTrac server. You install OrderTrac on this computer and choose Server mode. You install OrderTrac on the other 2 computers and choose Client mode. Once all the computers are up and running, a user can create an invoice at the sales desk, while the computer in the office can run Reports, while the computer in the warehouse is used to print labels and receive inventory, for example.

Tip: Use the newest, most powerful computer as the server. This computer should also be hardwired to the network (connected with ethernet cable), NOT wireless! Wireless is slower than hardwired, so this can effect perfermance on all the client computers.

NOTE: If you encounter issues with antivirus blocking your install, you may need to temporarily disable your antivirus/firewall before restarting the installation process.



1. – Download

Download OrderTrac.


2. – Install

a. Double click the downloaded ordertac.exe file to initiate the installation.

b. Choose to keep the file if the below pop up box (or one simular) appears.


c. Click Run


d. Click install

At this point, let your computer sit idle while the installation process runs. Wait until the following dialogue box appears (pictured below).


e. If a prompt appears asking if you would like to allow the program to make changes to your computer, click YES.


f. If you are installing OrderTrac as a client, enter the server name or server ip address (found on server computer in OrderTrac under Settings > Client/Server info. Your install is complete. If installing OrderTrac as a server, click server, and then Click Connect. (There must be an installation of OrderTrac on your network running in Server mode in order to run one in Client mode)


g. If you selected Server, You will be notified the server installation is about to start, and to restart OrderTrac once installation is complete. If you selected Client, skip to step 3.


h. Server Installation will be complete once the following install dialogue is closed. Let your computer sit idle while installation runs!


i. If a prompt appears asking if you would like to allow the program to make changes to your computer, click YES.


j. Once server install dialogue is closed, reopen Ordertrac. Installation is now complete!


k. Restart your computer. If this step is skipped, errors may appear why trying to connect client to the server.


3. – Register/Enter trial mode

a. To enter trial mode, just click ‘TRIAL’. Otherwise, to register and unlock all limitations, click ‘REGISTER’.

b. If you already have an account, log in. Otherwise, enter a new username and password, and click ‘Create Account’.