Item Repairs

Item Repairs

At some point, furniture can be damaged and needs to be sent back for repairs. Whether it is an inventory piece that was damaged in the warehouse, or a customer’s piece that was damage in their home, you can track the item as it is sent back for repairs much like you track regular orders.

Customer Repairs

When a customer brings you a piece that needs to be sent back, create a new invoice. When adding an item to the invoice, you will select Order as the type, and select the Repair checkbox as shown below:

add repaired item to invoice
Add a Repair item to an invoice

If you do not want to charge for the repair, just enter $0 as the price. Click Add to add the item. This will place the item in the TOBEORDERED status just like a regular order.

On the items tab, if you want to create a purchase order to let the vendor know what needs to be done to the piece, you can do so just like you do for any other order. If you do not want to create a PO, just right click the item, and select Set To On Order.

This item will now be tracked along with all other on order items.

When you click the Items tab, you will see the repair item on the On Order filter list. All repair items are highlighted in yellow.

On order repair item
Repair items are highlighted in yellow

You can also click the Repairs filter (in grey) to see only items that are repair items.

Repair items list
Repair items filter

Once you recieve the item from the vendor, just mark the item as ONHAND just like you do with regular orders.

Inventory Items

If an inventory item becomes damaged, you can easily mark it as repaired. Just right click the damaged item, and click Return for repairs.

return inventory for repair
Return on hand inventory item for repairs

Note the item MUST be marked as on hand in order to see the Return for repairs option. If the item does not have a status of ONHAND, right click the item and select Set to On Hand.

Once again, this removes the item from the On Hand list and places it in the To Be Ordered list. You can either create a purchase order for the repaired item or right click and select Set to On Order to manually move the item to the On Order list.

Inventory repairs will also show up in the Repairs filter on the items tab just like customer repairs.

Once the inventory item is received back from the vendor, just mark the item as on hand just like you do regular inventory.