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Migrating from OrderTrac Classic

by Bradly Adams

If you are a classic OrderTrac customer, we can migrate you to OrderTrac web using our custom built migration tool which allows you to retain all your sales data when migrating.

OrderTrac Web comes with many benefits over OrderTrac Classic including:

  • Use on any device (windows, mac, phones, tablets, etc)
  • Use anywhere - you aren't limited to using OrderTrac while connected to your store network. Use OrderTrac from home, while traveling, etc)
  • Convert quotes to sales and sales to quotes easily without having to remove inventory items
  • Reorder items on invoices
  • built in system to track if purchase order is verified
  • Integrated payment processing
  • No need to worry about backups

There is no reason to wait to migrate!

Preparing for migration

First, you need to become familiar with OrderTrac Web if you have not already. Watch the full demo video and the classic vs web video to become familiar with web and how it is difference from classic.

Next, contact us when you are ready for a test migration. You will follow the steps below under Migration Day for a trial run of the migration. We will migrate this data to a test account so you can play around with your real data and get a feel for OrderTrac Web.

There are a few features not yet available in OrderTrac web:

  • PO Approvals
  • SKU Tracker
  • POS Register Close & Terminal tracking (POS sales are tracked by store, not by individual terminal/computer)
  • Contact rules

Verify these features are not required for you if you are ready to migrate.

Migration Day

First, you will need to send us your data. To do so:

  1. On the server computer, open OrderTrac, click on File > Preferences, and on the Backup tab, click Backup Now.
  2. Click Send data to support. Some larger stores may have a date file that is too large to send this way. If you see an error message, continue to step 3. If you receive a message stating the file was sent successfully, you can skip the following steps.
  3. Once backup is completed successfully, take note of the backup location in the 'Current backup location' textbox. Navigate to that location and find the file called ordertrac.backup.
  4. Upload that file at this location.
back up your ordertrac data

Once we received the ordertrac.backup data file, we will begin migration! Usually the migration process only takes an hour or two. You will receive an invite email once your account is ready.

It is important that you no longer use OrderTrac Classic! Once you send your data, any changes made in OrderTrac classic will not be included in the migrated data. Close OrderTrac down on all your computers and do not use anymore. Once the migration is fully successful, you can uninstall OrderTrac from those computer to prevent anyone from using them accidentally out of habit.

Post Migration

Once the migration has completed and you have gained access to OrderTrac web, here are a few things to keep in mind.

Close or Uninstall OrderTrac Classic
OrderTrac web and classic are totally separate, so there is no need for OrderTrac classic going forward. Once the migration is complete, any changes made in OrderTrac classic will NOT show in OrderTrac web, and anything done in OrderTrac web will NOT show in OrderTrac classic. You will want to uninstall OrderTrac (or remove a desktop shortcut maybe) from your computers so someone doesn't accidentally fall on old habits and write up an invoice or make any other change in OrderTrac classic forgetting that they should be using OrderTrac web. You may want to keep OrderTrac installed on your server computer in case you want to reference anything there, although you shouldn't need to since all data was migrated to Web. If you had created custom reports, those do not migrate so you may want to reference those in order to request a similar report in OrderTrac web.

Migration tool difference adjustments
You may notice some sales orders have a line item called "Migration total difference adjustment". This is because taxes are calculated slightly differently in web - you can have different taxes for every item on the sales order in web as opposed to only 1 tax per invoices in classic. So taxes are calculated per item now rather than per sales order which means there can be some slight rounding differences when adding up tax for the whole sales order. To keep the sales order subtotals and balance dues consistent, an adjustment entry was added.

Set up your users
you can now go to Account > Users to set up all other users that need access to OrderTrac. You can either add new users or edit the existing users to add their email address which will allow them to log in. Each user needs a unique email address. This email is just used to log in and is also used to reset their password if necessary.

Set up policies
Policies were not migrated as part of the migration. Go to Location > Sales Order Polices to set up your sales order policies.

Upload logo and set primary color
You can upload your company/location logo under Location > General Settings. The logo will be displayed on printed documents like the sales order and purchase order. The primary color you select will be the color used on the printed sales order so it can match your brand.

Upload your label templates
If you use the Dymo label printer to print labels, you will need to upload any templates you regularly use. You can find these templates on any computer you printed labels from with OrderTrac classic. Navigate to <you documents folder>/ordertrac/labels to find the .dymo labels. Any custom labels you may have created are in the custom folder. You can also just create new templates using this guide.

Select a billing plan
Your new migrated account will be set up on a trial account by default. Click on your name on the top right, select Billing, and use the Payment Method tab to add a bank account or credit card on file. Once you have done this, click the Plan tab to select a plan that makes sense for your planned usage. Once you have selected a plan, you will not longer be on trial mode. All billing will now be done through OrderTrac web and your subscription to OrderTrac classic using the prior billing system will be ended.

Log out of preview environment
If a test migration was performed and you used the test environment at preview.ordertracinventory.com, it is a good idea to go to that URL and log out. You don't want to accidentally be adding new data to this environment when you meant to be on the real production environment (app.ordertracinventory.com).

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