Optional Hardware

Optional Hardware

Optional Hardware Compatible with OrderTrac


Label Printer

The DYMO LabelWriter 450 Turbo is used to print small barcoded labels to be attached to inventory and customer ordered items. The Labelwriter 450 Turbo has been tested and verified to be compatible with OrderTrac, but the standard Labelwriter 450 should also work. The standard label size used by OrderTrac is 2-1/8″ x 1″. Other sizes can be configured if desired.


Available from Amazon as well as other office supply retailers (Office Depot, Staples, etc)

 Barcode Scanner

The barcode scanner can be used throughout several areas in OrderTrac. The scanner can be used when receiving a shipment, adding inventory to an invoice, inventory verification count, etc. Barcode scanners are available as wired or wireless, connecting to your computer via USB or bluetooth. No specific model is required, as any generic barcode scanner will work with OrderTrac (much like a keyboard or mouse). The model in the link provided below is only a suggestion.

Available from Amazon as well as other retailers

POS Receipt Printer

The STAR TSP650II is the official thermal receipt printer for OrderTrac. This particulare model is available to connect to your PC with USB, Parallel, Blutooth, and Ethernet. The Ethernet model would connect to your network to make the printer available to multiple computers, rather than having a separate printer for each computer. The POS Receipt printer is only utilized in the POS tab of OrderTrac, not when printing a standard invoice. The POS tab is used to process quick transactions for barcoded items (food, gifts, etc).


Available from Barcodesinc.com as well other retailers

Cash Drawer

The cash drawer connects through the receipt printer through a RJ-11/RJ-12 cable. Any generic cash drawer that is designed to connect through a receipt printer will be compatible with OrderTrac. No specific model is required, as any generic cash drawer will be compatible. The model in the link provided below is only a suggestion. The POS Receipt printer shown above MUST be available to connect a cash drawer!

Available from Amazon as well as other retailers