Order Inventory

Order Inventory

How to Order Inventory

1. On the Items tab, select the ‘Order Inventory’ button on the bottom left hand side.


2. Fill all applicable fields and select ‘Close’.


3. On the Items tab, choose the ‘Inventory to Be Ordered’ filter button. You will see the inventory item to be ordered.

Note: All inventory items will be displayed with the orange filter buttons, and all customer sold items will be displayed with the red filter buttons.


4. Right click the item, and choose ‘Purchase Order…’ (Or click the ‘Create/Edit Purchase Order…’ button on the bottom of the screen)


5. Fill out all applicable fields on the purchase order, and click Email/Fax/Print to transmit purchase order to the builder.

Note: You can elect to create a Finishers Copy of the purchase order, so a copy of the order can be passed on to the finisher.


6. On the Items tab, choose the ‘Inventory On Order’ filter button. You will now see this item on order.


7. When the item arrives from the builder, it will be received from the receiving tab, which will then update that status of the item from on-order to on-hand.


8. When you sell an item from inventory to a customer, it can be added to an invoice by using the ‘Find’ button when ‘Stock’ is selected as the item type. Once an item is added to an invoice, it is removed from inventory.