Order Items from a Vendor

Order Items from a Vendor

How to order items from vendors (create purchase order)

To order a single item:

1. Go to the items tab and click on the red ‘To Be Ordered’ filter button to view sold items that need to be ordered, or click the orange ‘Inventory To Be Ordered’ button to view all inventory items that need to be ordered.

2. Click on the item you want to order, then click the ‘Vendor Order Form…’ button in the yellow box at the bottom. (You can also just right click on the item and choose ‘Vendor Order Form…’)

3. The order form will be displayed. Enter the PO# if desired.

4. Choose the builder, finisher, and shipper if applicable.

5. Enter any additional details needed by the vendor in the ‘Vendor Order Details’ box. This will be default display the original description, but you can enter more details here that the vendor will see but the customer will not on printed invoices etc.

6. Choose the ‘Requested pickup date’. This is the estimated date you will be expecting the item to be complete and picked up from the vendor.

7. Click ‘Print’, ‘Email’, or ‘Fax’ to save the order and update the item’s status to ‘On Order’. In order to use fax, you must set up an account with interfax.net (paid service,¬†www.interfax.net), and enter your account credentials in preferences.

Note: Clicking ‘Close’ will save the data, but will NOT update the item’s status to ‘On Order’.


To order batches of items

1. Click on the vendors tab. Notice the ‘Items to Order’ column on the far right. This is how many items need to be ordered from that vendor.

2. Click on the vendor you want to order items from, and Click ‘Order Items’ .

3. Follow the same instructions above as if ordering a single item. Click ‘Next’ to go to the next item once all details are entered.

4. Once details have been entered for ALL items for that vendor, the Print, Fax, and Email buttons will be enabled. Each of these buttons will mark ALL items as On Order. (Close simply saves the data, will not update item’s status as ‘On Order’