Register OrderTrac

Register OrderTrac

Register OrderTrac to remove the trial mode


When you first open OrderTrac, choose ‘Register’ instead of ‘Trial mode’ (or click File > Account). Under ‘Create Account’, enter your email, choose a password, and click ‘Create Account’.


Enter you account details such as business name, contact info, etc. Click save once ALL information is added.


In the top right, enter a name for this computer. This should just be something descriptive such as ‘Warehouse PC’ or ‘Sales PC 1’ etc. Click ‘Register’ to register this computer. The computer should then show up in the bottom ‘Current Account Licenses’ list. You can manage all you computer licenses here.


Congratulations! You all all set up with a registered copy of OrderTrac. Note: You will receive invoices via email which can be paid online.