Reinstall OrderTrac (1.29 to 1.30 only)

Reinstall OrderTrac (1.29 to 1.30 only)

Due to the issues with the Microsoft built technology OrderTrac used to manage automatic updates, a new update system had to be built into OrderTrac. While this will increase reliability of updates in the future, this means in order to receive further updates, you must re-install OrderTrac. You will not lose any data by re-installing OrderTrac!

Unfortunately, the existing update system would not allow another update to be pushed, and building a new update system was our only option. We tried everything to prevent everyone from having to reinstall OrderTrac but it could not be avoided. Hopefully, with the newest update system in place, this process can be avoided in the future.

Install the new version of OrderTrac (1.30 +)

First, Download OrderTrac here.

Once downloaded, click on the OrderTrac_Setup.exe file.

Because this is a brand new setup file, Windows might display a warning as shown below. This is because this is a brand new setup file the Windows has not seen for very long. This warning will not show anymore once more users download the new OrderTrac setup file.

You might see a Windows warning. Click More Info if so

Click on More Info if you see the screen above. If not, skip this step.

Click Run Anyway

Click Run anyway. This will tell Windows this application is ok to install. You might see the following screen appear as well. Click Yes to begin installation.

Select Yes if this screen appears

Next, the installation will begin, and you will see the following screen.

Accept the agreement and click Next

Click Next to continue the installation.

Click Install

Click Install to complete the installation.

Click Finish to complete installation

Finally, click Finish to launch OrderTrac. That is all, you have installed the new version of OrderTrac. This version will now receive all future updates.

Update Settings

Client/Server Settings
When you launch the new OrderTrac, it will not remember your previous Client/Server settings. You will need to re-select if you want to connect as a client or server. If connecting as a client, you will need to re-enter your server IP address or name. You can launch the old version of OrderTrac to view these settings. At this point, you have 2 versions of OrderTrac installed, so open the old version, and take note of the client/server settings. Then open the new version of OrderTrac, and enter those settings.

Individual Computer Settings
You will also need to update settings on the Individual Computer Settings tab in preferences. The invoice logo location will need entered again at the bottom of the page, and if you use the POS register to print receipts to a receipt printer, you will need to verify the correct printer and paper size is selected. Once again, if you don’t remember what these settings are supposed to be, just close the new OrderTrac, open the old OrderTrac, and take note of the settings there.

Update settings on Individual Computer Settings tab in Preferences

Uninstall the older OrderTrac version (1.29 and earlier)

The next thing you need to do is uninstall the old version of OrderTrac. Follow the steps below to uninstall the old OrderTrac you no longer need.

Click the start button, and select Control Panel. If you don’t see control panel, just start typing ‘Control Panel’ in and you will see it appear.

Click Programs and Features

Your control panel may look like the one above. If so, click Programs and Features.

Alternative looking control panel

Your control panel may look more like the above example. If so, click Uninstall a program.

Find OrderTrac on the list of installed programs

Scroll down until you find OrderTrac. You will notice 2 versions of OrderTrac are installed. One will say “OrderTrac”, while the second one will say “OrderTrac version” (version number may slightly differ). Double click the first option without the version number as shown above.

Once you double click the older version of OrderTrac, you will see the following dialog.

Select the Remove option

Select the Remove the application from this computer option, and click OK.

Once the uninstall is complete, you are finished! You will now receive all future OrderTrac updates.