Restore a backup

Restore a backup


Restoring data will erase your current data and restore with the backed up data. Make sure you back up your existing data first in the event you want to revert back to your current data. Once data is overwritten, It cannot be reverted!

How to backup and restore your OrderTrac data

At some point, you may need to restore your data from a backup. Follow these steps to restore your data using the data from the most recent backup .

1. Back up your data

a. Back up the data on your server computer by going to File > Preferences > Backup and click ‘Backup Now’. This will create a backup as the data sits now in the event you want to restore to the current state.

b. Navigate in windows explorer to the location listed in the ‘Current Backup location’ textbox. There will be a file there called This is the most recent backup file. There should also be a folder in that location called ‘Archive’. Inside this folder are more backup files from previous backups. You can see by the created date next to the file when the backup was made.

2. Restore your data

a. If you are restoring data to a different computer, copy this file to the computer you want to use as the new server computer. You can email it to yourself or use a flash drive to transfer the backup file on the training computer. Place this file on the desktop or any other place you can remember.

b. Open OrderTrac on the computer you are restoring the data, and select ‘Server Mode’. (The database server software will install if this is the first time selecting Server mode on this computer. Restart OrderTrac after it is complete)

c. Navigate to File > Preferences > Backup and select the ‘Restore…’ button.  Click ‘Browse’ to navigate to and select the file. Click ‘Open’ and then ‘Restore’.

d. The restore may take a few moments and will notify you once complete. Restart OrderTrac and you will now see the restored data!