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Revising an item on order

by Bradly Adams

There are times when you need to revise an item that has already been ordered. OrderTrac offers multiple ways to revise the item details and send an updated purchase order to the vendor so they are aware of the changes.

Revising an item on a sales order

The most common scenario would be when a customer orders an item, then changes their mind and wants to change something about the item they ordered. If you have not ordered the item yet, you can just updated the item description from the sales order and be done. However if you already ordered the item, you can still make the change from the sales order.

First, open the sales order, and click Edit in the options menu for the item that is to be revised.

Select Edit from the item menu for the item being edited.

Next, go ahead and update the details of the item. In this example, we will change the table size from 42x54 to 42x60. Once all edits are made, click the Item purchase order needs to be revised checkbox at the bottom, and click Save.

image 1

This will update the status to On order, revision pending. This means the item has already been ordered, but there is a revision that has not been sent to the vendor yet.

image 2

If you forgot to check the Item purchase order needs to be revised checkbox, you can always manually update the item to this status from the item menu:

image 3

Now, you need to go send the revised purchase order to the vendor. One quick way to get there is to click View Purchase Order in the item menu for the item you just revised:

image 4

Another way to get there is to go to the Purchase Orders page by clicking the Purchase Orders quick icon at the top of the page or by selecting Items > Purchase Orders from the main menu. You will see the Revision Pending badge shows there is 1 purchase order with a pending revision status. Click the yellow Revision Pending box to show the list of Revision Pending purchase orders, and click the purchase order to go view that purchase order.

image 5

Once you are looking at the purchase order, you just need to verify all relevant details are in the vendor description. Here we can see item 1023 is the item on the PO that needs to be revised. The vendor description needs to be updated to include the changes made prior on the sales order:

image 6

Once all changes have been made, you can print/fax/email the purchase order to send the revised PO to the vendor. The vendor will see the item that was revised clearly marked on the PO marked as REVISED:

image 7

Once the revised purchase order has been sent, the item status will be updated back to On Order and the purchase order status will go back to Pending, which just means the PO has been sent but the items on the PO have not been received yet.

image 9

Revising an item from a purchase order

You can also just revise an item from a purchase order. Open up any pending purchase order, and select the item you want to revise. Then click the Revise Item button which updates the status of that item to On order, revision pending.

image 10

This will make that item editable on the purchase order, so you can make the desired changes. Once again, print/email/fax the purchase order to send the revised PO, and the item status will be updated back to On order.

You can also click the Unmark as Revised button if at any time you want to removed the revised status and place the item back on order without sending a revised purchase order:

image 11

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