Transfer server to another computer

Transfer server to another computer

How to transfer server to another computer

At some point, you may want to make a different computer your OrderTrac server computer. This can be done in a few simple steps. To switch servers, data from your existing server is simply backed up and the restored onto the new server.

Follow these steps to transfer data to the new server:

1. Update/Install OrderTrac

a. Close OrderTrac and reopen on the server computer to verify no updates are available. Install updates if there are any available.

b. Install OrderTrac on the new server computer if not installed already. If already installed, close and reopen to check for updates. Install updates if there are any available.

2. Back up your existing server data

a. Back up the data on your existing server computer by going to File > Preferences > Backup and click ‘Backup Now’.

b. Navigate in windows explorer to the location listed in the ‘Current Backup location’ textbox. There will be a file there called

3. Copy data to the new server

a. Copy this file to the computer you want to use as the new server computer. You can email it to yourself or use a flash drive to transfer the backup file on the training computer. Place this file on the desktop or any other place you can remember.

b. After the file has been copied to the new server computer, open OrderTrac on that computer and select ‘Server Mode’. (The database server software will install if this is the first time selecting Server mode on this computer. Restart OrderTrac after it is complete)

c. OrderTrac will open but you will not see any data. Navigate to File > Preferences > Backup and select the ‘Restore…’ button.  Click ‘Browse’ to navigate to and select the file you copied earlier. Click ‘Open’ and then ‘Restore’.

d. The restore may take a few moments and will notify you once complete. Restart OrderTrac and you will now see you data! This is now your live server and any changes made here will NOT reflect on your old existing server.

You will now connect any client computers to this new server just like you did to the old server. To do this, Follow these instructions.


At this point, both your new server and your old server will have identical data. Be sure all client computers are connected to the correct server so no data is accidentally entered into the old server.