Troubleshooting Guide

Error Opening OrderTrac

  • Restart computer
  • Skip update if it asks
  • Delete C:\Users\<user>\AppData\Local\Apps\2.0 folder

Error Installing OrderTrac

Error When installing update

  • Close the error, Open OrderTrac again, and click click OK to install the update again.
  • Restart your computer, open OrderTrac, and try installing update again.
  • A slow internet connection can prevent an update from downloading properly. If this is the first time you have seen this error, skip the current update and try installing the next update.
  • If it still doesn’t work, send the error log to Close the error, reopen OrderTrac again, and this time click ‘Skip’ instead of ‘OK’ to skip the update.

Manifest may not be valid or the file could not be opened; File OrderTrac.exe is not a valid Portable Executable (PE) file; PE file does not have enough data.

Possible Solutions:
Restart computer; Wait 30+ min; Disable antivirus; Request update republish;

Manifest in invalid format

Possible Solutions:
Install .net 4.5 framework

Visual Basic Powerpack version 10.0 not installed

Possible Solutions:
Install powerpack from

Error downloading database

  • Manually download 32bit version here, 64bit version here. After downloading, place in My Documents/ordertrac and rename to PostgreSetup.exe. Reopen OrderTrac to begin installation.

Error connecting client to server:

  • Verify the correct server name or server IP address is specified. Server name/ip is found on the server computer under settings > Client/Server Info.
  • Verify client and server are on the same Homegroup/Workgroup/Domain. This can be set up in the network and sharing center.
  • Disable any installed 3rd party antivirus/firewall software. If connection now works, the antivirus/firewall software is the problem.
  • Verify line 80 in the file C:\Program Files\PostgreSQL\9.3\data\pg_hba.conf reads as follows: host all all all md5
  • If error persists, download the pg_hba.conf from here and replace the file listed in the path above. After replacing the file, restart the computer.

Error connecting server to database:

  • Disable or uninstall all security/antivirus software. Try connecting again. If it works now, add port 5432 to the exceptions list in your software.
  • Verify POSTGRE PORT 5432 is listed and checked in control panel > security > windows firewall > add program or feature to windows firewall.
  • Uninstall PostgreSQL and reinstall manually using the manual installation guide

Error loading label. Please update your Dymo labelwriter software to the latest version (8.7.1 +):
Error printing labels. Please verify DYMO printer is connected correctly. DYMO LabelWriter 450 Turbo printer must be installed.

Possible Solutions:

There is a known issue with DYMO software v8.6 and greater that does not allow labels to be loaded correctly. The only known fix at this time is to unintall your current version of DYMO Label software and install version 8.7.1. Download version 8.7.1 here

Configuration system failed to initialize. (On startup)

Possible Solutions:
Navigate to:

and rename the user.config file to something like user_old.config. The random numbers and letters in red will probably be different on your computer. OrderTrac should now open.