Verifying Inventory

Verifying Inventory

You may want to verify your inventory from time to time to make sure the inventory you have on hand matches up with what OrderTrac says you have. This is especially common to do at the end of the year so you are not paying inventory tax on items you don’t actually have. Both furniture and UPC item inventory can be verified with the inventory verification tools built into OrderTrac to make the process as easy as possible.

Note: It is advised to back up your data (File > Preferences > Backup Tab > Back up now) before verifying inventory. The Verify inventory tool allows you to quickly update all items to match the qty you scanned. If you were to make a major mistake and accidentally update all items with incorrect qty’s, you can easily restore the data to the last backup if you run a backup before you begin.

Furniture Inventory Verification

First, select Verify Inventory from the Inventory menu item on the top menu bar

Open verify inventory
Open Verify Inventory

Verify Inventory has 2 modes – Single mode and batch mode.

Single Mode
With single mode, you would walk around your store and scan/lookup each item one at a time. For each item, after you pull up the item details (1), you make sure everything looks good and the qty on hand is correct. You can click Edit (2) to edit the qty if it is off. Once everything looks good, you click Data is Correct (3), and it marks that row as green. Once you have done this to everything in the store, you can look at the list to see what is not turned green so you can see what is in the system that is not in your store. Click Reset Inventory Verifications to clear all items verified so far so you can start over.

Verify Inventory Furniture Single Mode
Verify Inventory furniture single mode

Batch Mode
The batch mode works where you pull up the screen and just start scanning every item (1) on your floor. So if you had 6 identical chairs in the system, if you only scanned 5, it would show that you have 1 less that what the system says you have. To manully update the scanned qty, click Update (2). To manually update the item details of the item, click Edit (3). Once you have scanned all items, if you want to update the qty on hand of all items in OrderTrac to match the qty you scanned, click Update (4). If you want to clear all scan counts to start over, click Reset Inventory Counts (5).

Verify inventory furniture batch mode
Verify inventory furniture batch mode

UPC Item Inventory Verification

The Verify UPC inventory functionality works the same way as the furniture batch mode, just scan every item and it will keep track of how many you scanned, so it will show if the number you scanned does not match the number you have in the system. Just enter or scan the UPC/Barcode (1) and click record. Most scanners can be set up so the enter key is pressed after each scan, so you can quickly just scan every item and you won’t have to stop to click Record. Once you have scanned all items, the rows in the list will be green if the qty on hand matches the qty scanned, and they will be yellow if the qty’s do not match. They will be white if no qty was scanned at all so you can quickly see where there are discrepancies. Click Update (2) to manually update the scan qty for an item. Click Edit (3) to manually edit the UPC item details. Click Update (4) to update the qty on hand of all items to match the scan counts. Click Reset UPC Inventory Counts to clear all scan counts and start over.

Verify inventory UPC items
Verify UPC item inventory